Current Residents

The City of San Francisco, through the Treasure Island Development Authority, acquired the housing sites on Treasure Island in 1998-1999 when it entered into master leases with the Navy.

The initial residents who moved onto Treasure Island included a mix of professionals, middle-income families, formerly homeless, and military veterans.

Per the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) with the City of San Francisco, before redevelopment of the sections of Treasure Island that include existing housing, all residents who leased their housing when the DDA was executed will be offered a choice of replacement unit in one of the new buildings, or relocation benefits. Every person who has leased a unit on Treasure Island has been told and has signed a lease stating that the island is being redeveloped and the housing is temporary.

The phasing plan is designed so that redevelopment of the existing neighborhoods occur in the final stages. It will be several years before any of the existing housing is replaced.
The City of San Francisco’s Treasure Island Development Authority created a relocation program that allows long-time residents to receive relocation benefits or be given priority in moving into new affordable housing created as part of the redevelopment.

As development proceeds and more housing is constructed, Treasure Island Community Development will be working closely with TIDA to assist in the orderly transition and/or relocation of residents.